Breathe Into Awareness 200 Hour Teacher Training

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Module 6: Expanding the Heart Center

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In many cases, we spend hours of our days with the shoulders drooping and the hip flexors tightening from our lifestyle of sitting more often than we move. From this lifestyle come sometimes-debilitating injuries such as lower back, hip, and knee. Learning to utilize the entire spine, moving in a healthy range of motion with freedom in the hips and shoulders, we can enjoy forward bends and back bends in a safe and nurturing way, offering alternatives for expectant Mothers and those with current or previous back injury. This module also explores the Heart Chakra, Pranayama, and Metta Meditation. Asana: Forward and Backbends Energy Body: Chakra 4, Pranayama: Expanding The Rib Cage for a Deeper Pranayama Practice & Ujjayi, Physical Anatomy: The Psoas, Lower Back/Sacrum, Glutes, Weak Links of the Spine, Special Populations: Back Injury/Disease & Pregnancy.

Each module Has required & recommended reading and additional Selfstudy homework. Our book list is extensive and we suggest Amazon and Half Price Books to keep the reading materials cost effective. The guided self-study consists of approximately 50 hours of reading and assignments (topics chosen will be distributed between Techniques, Teaching methodology, Anatomy and Physiology, Philosophy, Ethics, and Lifestyle.)In order to enhance the learning experience, self-Study, group projects and workshops will be encouraged outside of scheduled workshops hours to help solidify topics covered and can be arranged according to your own personal schedule.