Breathe Into Awareness 200 Hour Teacher Training

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Module 4: The Power of Conscious Desire and Awareness

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Life has many twists and turns and with conscious awareness we can reach our goals and at the same time empower others when we are aware of how our actions create the experiences or lessons needed in order to achieve them. Exploring the Core Line of the body and the Energetics of the Spine, we organically practice Twists from the inside out. Special consideration is given regarding Back Injury and Pregnancy and the Psychology of the Core Chakra is explored. "Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness." ~ James Thurber Asana: Twists and Suryanamaskar Con't. Energy Body: Chakra 3, Physical Anatomy: The Spine & Control with the Core Special Populations: Pregnancy & Back Injury, Pranayama: Sitali and Kapalabhati.