Breathe Into Awareness 200 Hour Teacher Training

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Module 1: Grounding and Rooting & Salute to the Sun

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 With our feet firmly planted on the Earth, our body comes into alignment and the fluctuations of the mind are tamed connecting us to our True Nature and the realization we are a part of the whole. It is then we experience Yoga. This module acts as an introductory to all aspects of yoga, focusing greatly on Standing Asana, Breaking Down Suryanamaskar, & Anatomy of The Physical & Energy Body (Root Chakra) as it pertains to Standing Asana. Asana: Foundation Poses, Standing Poses, and Suryanamaskar. Energy Body: Introduction to the Chakras and Chakra 1, Physical Anatomy: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology with further study of the Feet/Knees & Overall Core Line as they pertain to Standing Poses, Intro. To Pranayama.