Breathe Into Awareness 200 Hour Teacher Training

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Module 8: Introduction to Inversions, Arm Balances, and the Art of Sequencing & Practice

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Through the stabilization of the Core Line, Shoulder Girdle, and Pelvic Girdle, we begin to explore turning our world upside down and holding ourselves up both physically and spiritually. While we work through transcending the Lower Egos, we explore techniques associated with theThird Eye and Crown Chakra, bringing greater awareness to our body as well as our spirit. Asana: Inversions & Arm Balances: Energy Body: Chakra 6 & 7 , Physical Anatomy: Stabilizing The Shoulder Girdle & The Pelvis Meditation: Tratak & Transcending the Lower Egos Business of Yoga: Practice Sequencing/Planning/ Learning Styles/Environment/Ethics.

Each module Has required & recommended reading and additional Selfstudy homework. Our book list is extensive and we suggest Amazon and Half Price Books to keep the reading materials cost effective. The guided self-study consists of approximately 50 hours of reading and assignments (topics chosen will be distributed between Techniques, Teaching methodology, Anatomy and Physiology, Philosophy, Ethics, and Lifestyle.)In order to enhance the learning experience, self-Study, group projects and workshops will be encouraged outside of scheduled workshops hours to help solidify topics covered and can be arranged according to your own personal schedule.